Whippoorwill Rodeo, LLC



1.  New Call-In # 618-218-0182 - call in dates and times will be posted in Facebook event page for each rodeo and on whippoorwillrodeo.com, remember call in will always be 2 Mondays before the rodeo, for example - McLeansboro Rodeo is June 23rd, call in is June 11th.

2. PLEASE be checked in a hour prior to the rodeo performance!!!

3.  We will have a Rope Barrier!!

4.  Steer Wrestling must have 5 or more contestants or no contest, this will be determined after call in's for each rodeo.

5.  $20 late entry fee per event for all late entries.

6.  We will  give away a Header & Heeler champion buckle in the team roping for the 2018 Buckle Series.

7.  Team Roping fees will be $50 per man, $100 per team.

8.  You must compete and pay entry fees at 7 rodeos per event to qualify for a series event buckle.

Contestant with most money won in a event at the end of the 2018 series will be the event champion. Only money won in that event will count for that event, you may not combine multiple event earnings. (DuQuoin, IL will count as 1 rodeo)

9.    If you are not able to compete and do not draw out 24 hours prior to the rodeo performance you are still responsible for your entry fees.

10.  A Yeti cooler will be awarded to the contestant with the most money won in 2 or more events at the end of the 2018 series this contestant will be the 2018 Whippoorwill Rodeo All Around Champion. To be eligible the contestant must enter & pay entry fees at 7 rodeos in 1 or more events and must win money in 2 or more events throughout the 2018 Whippoorwill Rodeo Buckle Series. The team roping will count as 1 event.

Please pass any information posted on Facebook or our website to those who do not have Facebook or access to the internet!!  THANK -YOU!!!